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Fetch all tax rates (through API?) from Zuora Tax Engine for synchronization with Salesforce

We are using Salesforce to setup offers to our customers. Basically it is a combination of Product Rate Plans that we use when we create the subscription in Zuora. However during the on-boarding (purchase) we need to send the Sales Tax Amount to the payment provider. Since the Z360 Sync does not synchronize the setup Tax Codes in Zuora (Billing > Setup Tax Codes) to Salesforce we need to be able to fetch this information and create it in Salesforce so that we can expose the Tax Code and their Rate in our offers. We have the Tax Code on the Product Rate Plan Charge but the are no link to the actual Tax Rate.


One suggestion would be to use the query API to fetch this information, however I have checked the documentation but I cannot find anything about the Tax Code. Is it possible to do this through the query API or any other way to solve this?


I found this: https://community.zuora.com/t5/Subscriptions/Taxes-on-product-price/m-p/16170#M488

In short it means that before we actually call our payment provider we need to do a preview on the subscription which could work but would be nice to have the Tax Codes and their rates in Salesforce.