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Error while loading translation profile

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Error while loading translation profile


I need to generate Chinese invoice.

But on up-loading to translation profile.

Zuora is throwing error.


csv file contents -

InvoiceItem.ProductName,Best Product Ever,最好的产品


-The import file failed validation rules and was not loaded. Please verify the file and content. The following errors are common:

- Incorrect import load file. We recommend that you always start with the latest import file template when loading data.
- Invalid column name. Please check the column names of your import file for typos, etc.
- Incompatible Mac CSV file. If using Excel on a Mac, be sure to "Save As..." CSV Windows
- Invalid CSV file format. Please use the Import template to generate your Import file.
- Microsoft .xls and .xlst formats are incompatible with the load process.
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Re: Error while loading translation profile

The error could be cause by a # of things. it can be the format of the file or the details in the file itself. I created a Zendesk ticket to better troubleshoot this issue. You should have receveid the emai. We will have a specalist assist you ASAP. Thank you. 

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