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Error occurred because Avalara limits 15,000 items per invoice

Issue description


When attempting to process an invoice with more than 15,000 items in Avalara Tax, the following error message was displayed:


Zuora and Avalara both support 15,000 invoice items per invoice. If you require more than 15,000 invoice items per invoice, you will need to contact both Avalara and Zuora Support teams for further assistance.

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Re: Error occurred due to too many invoice items in Avalara Tax



This error occurred because there is an Avalara limitation that a maximum of 15,000 items can be contained in one invoice. If an invoice contains more than 15,000 items and is sent to Avalara, the tax calculation request will fail and an error will be returned.


Currently, the workaround is to split the invoice into smaller invoices with less than 15000 lines.


For more information, see Avalara FAQs.

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Re: Error occurred due to too many invoice items in Avalara Tax

Thanks Jing for the explanation.


Although we see that currently invoice splitting is manually initiated pre-posting the invoice. Is there a way to automatically split invoices when they are about to hit the 15,000 limit?


If not, is there some other way to handle huge hierarchy of accounts where the parent is supposed to pay for all the child accounts? We plan to use the subscription invoice ownership for this, which creates a single invoice on the parent account with all the charges.

Zuora Engineering

Re: Error occurred due to too many invoice items in Avalara Tax

@abhishek_grover  I am an engineer from Zuora. Hope my view would be helpful.


I think we have a misunderstanding about splitting the invoice.


Regarding the limit of 15000 is Avalara limitation, a normal recommendation is to let our customer contact with Avalara to increase the threshold for our customer. It needs our customer to negotiate with Avalara.


If Avalara still cannot allow increasing the threshold for our customer, maybe we can find some other tricks to make the invoice to be a smaller one. But these tricks are case by case, not very general.


For example:

#1 reducing billing periods of the invoice, let one invoice cover one billing period. So invoice items of that invoice would be fewer.

#2 If it is a big invoice, maybe we can let that BillRun only for that single account taxable charges. We try to find some way to filter untaxable charges from the BillRun



Indeed we have splitting invoice feature (https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/CB_Billing/IA_Invoices/Splitting_Invoices) , but that feature is for payment, not for big invoice scenario.





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Re: Error occurred due to too many invoice items in Avalara Tax

Hi @prince, thanks for your reply.


Couple of queries -

 - Our use case if for a big hierarchy of accounts, where a single parent account (partner reseller) could be paying for a large number of end customers. So, say our customer count goes up to 10,000 under the single reseller account, and each plan has 2-3 rate plan charges associated, then we will breach this limit. We haven't been able to come up with a workaround to solve for this.


- On a different forum, when we had asked about the limit, we were told that although the limit is on the Avalara end, there is a similar limit implemented in Zuora itself. But from your response it seems as if the limit is not enforce by Zuora at all. So, for example if we don't use Avalara, can you confirm we will not hit this limit?