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Create one-time scheduled Bill Runs in bulk


Create one-time scheduled Bill Runs in bulk

For one of our new customers we come to conclusion that we need a bill run schedule that is too complex to fit into "recurring" options of Zuora scheduled bill runs. 

They have different bill run schedules for each brand (5 brands = 5 batches), and each brand has it's own combination of monthly bill runs and weekly bill runs, where the number of days between invoice date and target date varies, depending on the number of working days between them (taking into account public and SEPA bank holidays).


The simplest alternative is to use Zuora UI, and manually schedule all bill runs for whole year to execute in the future, as individual "one-time" scheduled bill runs. 

However, they would then need to manually create about 74 bill runs for each brand ( x 5) per year. And they would need to do that in all their 4 Zuora environments (2 sandbox, 1 performance, 1 production). Not really an option for them....

The Zuora REST API and the Zuora Connect API loader both seem to NOT support creating future executed bill runs. They only support directly executed bill runs (with future target dates), and that is not suitable for this case.


Is there an easy way to plan scheduled "one-time" bill runs in bulk, for a whole year ahead? And that allows us to set both execution date AND time