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Coupon question

We have a customer who is signed up for a subscription with an Enterprise 3-year plan. They also have a coupon for 20% discount that applies to the entire subscription. We now want to offer an add-on product. We want to give them the ability to add this product to their subscription, but we don't want the discount to apply to the new product. I understand we can change the existing coupon to apply to the rate plan only, as opposed to the entire subscription, but I am not sure how this will affect everything going forward. So let's say customer A's subscription goes from 6/1/17 to 5/31/18 and the cost is $8,000. They also had a discount that was created at the time their subscription was created for 20% off of the entire subscription. The invoice they received on 6/1/17 was for $6,400 (the $8,000 less 20% or $1600). Then they buy the add on product 2FA on 11/1/17 which costs $2000. I want them to get an invoice for $1167 on 11/1 which is the $2,000 cost prorated for the remaining time on their subscription. But when their renewal comes up on 6/1/18 I want them to get an invoice for the $6400 and the $2000 - the discounted cost for their base product but the full cost for the add on product.


Is this something that is possible? If not are there any other suggestions on how we could achieve what we need? I think we could create a new subscription, but then the two would not line up to expire at the same time and we don't want that.