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Charge payment prior to auto renewal

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Charge payment prior to auto renewal


 We have Orders enabled along with Collect.


We are looking to enable automatic renewal of the subscriptions. Based on what I see in Zuora is:

1. Async job runs to automatically renew the subscriptions upon term end date

2. Bill run job to generate invoices for these renewed subscriptions

3. Payment run job to collect payment against these outstanding invoices.


As per the happy path, this works perfect.


When there are failed payments due to any reason like expired/declined credit cards - customer can still use the product as the subscriptions are renewed.


I know we can kick a workflow to cancel the subscriptions and cancel the outstanding invoices after N number of payment retries. I am looking for a cleaner solution where the auto renewal can be stopped in first place when there is a payment error.


This is what happens with most of the eCommerce providers where if no payment then no services. How can this be achieved in Zuora ? Looking for suggestions...


Thanks !

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Re: Charge payment prior to auto renewal

Hi Sireesha,


Have you tried using POST_CreateAuthorization? This enables you to authorize the availability of funds for a transaction but delay the capture of funds until a later time. But please be advised that this feature is subjected to availability at the Payment Gateway end. Please reach out to your Payment Gateway to verify if this is supported by them.

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