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Cannot post Invoice with PPDD app


Users cannot post an invoice - gets the error message below stating: "Extension error (2,Prepaid with Drawdown), 19903: Undefined: Please set a value for the field "PPDDBalanceLocation__c" for all PPDD Product Rate Plan Charges that are in this invoice." 




Custom fields in the Product Rate Plan Charge object were appended with extra "__c" like "customfieldname__c__c".


Updated the custom field to "customfieldname__c", likewise updated all other custom fields. Then the custom field values are populated under all the rate plan charges in the existing Product "XYZ" and then created an Invoice and posted it and that was successful.


Knowledge center article for reference  - https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/Marketplace/Market_Apps/Prepaid_Drawdown/Set_Up_Prepaid_Drawdown


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