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Canadian Vantiv ACH Payments


Canadian Vantiv ACH Payments

Is there anyone using Vantiv (Worldpay) and processing payments using ACH Payment Methods with Canadian bank information?


There seems to be something lost in translation in what is on the ACH payment method form in Zuora and what the customer is providing us.  The majority of the response messages are "Invalid Bank Routing Number".


I've already reached out to Vantiv and they've indicated that we should be able to process these payment and we have processed 4 successfully in 2 years.  They've provided no additional feedback on the format of information of the bank information.


Should the number of digits in the ABA/Routing Number field be a total of 9 with the format 012312345?  There's always a leading zero, plus the three-digit financial insitution number (123), plus a five-digit transit number (12345)?


any other additional fields or field formats we should be aware of when entering these into Zuora?



ACH Payment Method form.PNG

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