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Can i group usage records based on different parameters ?

Is there a way to group usage records from the usage record files uploaded in Zuora 

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Zuora Staff

Re: can i group usage based on different parameters ?

Yes, you can make use of the feature Usage Rating by Group to group usage records based on different parameters. But please be informed that this feature can be used only when you have Per unit pricing, volume pricing & tiered pricing charge model enabled at the rate plan charge level. 


We have five ways in which we can use usage rating by a group in Zuora:


  • By billing period
  • By usage start date
  • By usage record
  • By usage upload
  • Custom group

By using this option you can groups usage records from multiple files by monthly billing period, by usage start date, By usage record, By usage upload and you can also create a custom group based on which you can group that particular usage record


This feature is a Limited availability and can be activated by raising a ticket with the Zuora Global support team.