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Re: Billing with special conditions

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Billing with special conditions



We've had a couple cases lately where our sales team has negotiated special conditions on their contracts where the customer has tiered billing for the first 6 months with no consistent discount rate or percentage change (for example, if the original price for the product is $1000, we maybe negotiate 1st month they pay $0, 2nd month $500, 3rd month $550, 4th month $675, 5th month $995 and 6th month they begin paying the full price until the end of their contract. Is there any way of automating this so we don't have to remember each month to make the adjustment? To me, amendments don't make sense, but does anyone else have any thoughts?




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Re: Billing with special conditions

Hi Lindsay---Very interesting use case you are working with here. While I can't think of a clear way to perform this, there could still be a workaround I can help you come up with. Can you help me by answering the following questions? 

In your example, what does the $1000 represent? Is this a monthly fee that would actually make it $6000 for the six-month period of different payment amounts? These may be just numbers you were inserting to ask the question, but if you can provide an actual use case, that will help me out. 


After the 6 months are over, does this subsription usually have a term attached to it? 


Let me know what else you can provide me---Matt