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Billing per block of units (OR Rounding usage to the nearest 10/100/1000)

The Overage charge model allows us to provide 100 units of a service for free, and to charge for additional units on a per-unit basis. Is there a mechanism that allows us to bill for additional units in blocks of 10, rounded up?


So far I have explored:

  • The Volume Pricing charge model requires us to define a tier for each block, and my understanding is that usage beyond that tier goes unbilled.
  • The Tiered Pricing charge model also allows us to charge in blocks of 10 for as many tiers as we create, and to define an Overage to bill for usage beyond those tiers. That overage reverts to per-unit billing, and the tiers result in a bloated invoice.
  • New UOM can round to predefined decimals. I did not see anything in the documentation that suggests it can round to "negative" decimal places such as the 10's, 100's, or 1000's place. (Much less to the nearest multiple of 15, etc.)

Is there a way to bill for blocks of real units in Zuora without defining each block as a billing tier?