Re: Billing for Consulting Services within Zuora

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Billing for Consulting Services within Zuora

Hi Everyone,


Wanted to see how other companies using Zuora handle this.


Our company is planning to offer Consulting Services as a product, and wanted to implement billing for this in the most automated and scalable way possible. Would anyone be able to share how their company handles this?


The only thing we thought of so far was to do a manual rev rec on the invoice on the date that the consulting service took place. But doing this manually for thousands of accounts would not be scalable or efficient.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Billing for Consulting Services within Zuora

@ilya_y - Just curious about a few things as you are starting to set up your Consulting Services product.


  • What time of charge model are you considering?
    • Are you going with a predetermined bucket of hours, billed in advance? The tracking/consumption of those hours is outside of Zuora
    • Are you thinking of a predetermined bucket of hours and any additional hours billed extra after they consume said hours (included units + overage)
    • Are you going with bill upon use where maybe they negotiate a flat fee of $500 bucks for 10 hours and every hour used after that is going to be at a different rate (recurring charge + usage charge)
    • Are you looking at something else entirely?


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