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Bill Runs are not showing any Invoices under Invoice Generate tab



Scheduled bill runs aren't creating invoices even though the bill run says it created invoices? Here is a bill run that ran for May 2 (BR40) - it says 5 invoices were created but there are no invoices listed in the invoices generated UI tab.



This is an expected behavior and below is the explanation of what happened:
  • A Bill Run X created; Invoice A created in Draft Status
  • Now BR Y is created for the same account for the next service period. As per design, it will not create a new invoice but it will append the charges for both the service periods in the existing invoice A since it is not posted already
  • Now the user canceled the BR Y and deleted the same
  • Hence as per behavior, the system will delete the invoices created in BR X, since both the BR's have the same invoice number.

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