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Bill Cycle date in february for Anniversary billing

What will be the bill cycle date for a customer who has subscribed on 29th of January.

Will it be 28th of Feb (non-leap year) and 29th (leap year) ? 


Same type of query I have for the scenario if subscription's activation date / contract effective date is 31st of August, when will the bill cycle completes in September?


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Re: Bill Cycle date in february for Anniversary billing

Hi @nitinjain,


We have an existing Community article which I believe answers your query:




Please let us know if you have any further queries.





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Re: Bill Cycle date in february for Anniversary billing

Thanks @Daniel_L, I got the answer for above question.


But one more query.


If my BCD is 30th of each month, and my contract effective date is 30/03/2017. 


That means:

Bill Cycle Day:

30th of the month


Initial term is 11 month, so my next renewal date is after 11 months i.e. in February 2018.

So once this subscription gets renenwed on 27th February (as per above solution which you proposed),

Will the BCD of new renewed subscription will be 27th of each month, since contract effective date will be 27/02/2018?