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Best practice - Keep invoice generation in Zuora

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Best practice - Keep invoice generation in Zuora

While it may be tempting to use tools external to Zuora for custom invoice document generation, there are many disadvantages to be aware of. Invoices generated outside of Zuora cannot be loaded back into Zuora, so the customization breaks the following downstream processes:


  • retrieving invoice PDFs via Zuora API.  this means invoices can no longer be displayed on self-service portals or Zuora for Salesforce.
  • emailing invoice PDFs from Zuora after posting invoices.
  • automatic regeneration of native Zuora invoice PDFs occurs when transactions such as payments, refunds, and invoice item adjustments occur since they change the balance of invoices. custom invoice generation must support this as well in order to keep the external documents in sync with the Zuora Invoice object. 

If there's an invoice use case that doesn't seem supported by standard Zuora invoice templates, be sure to check our customer solution articles to see if your question has already been answered, or post an idea to the billing and payments idea section.

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Re: Best practice - Keep invoice generation in Zuora

Zuora provide the following API to load the generated PDF files back to Zuora.


This operation has the following restrictions:

  • Only the PDF file format is supported.
  • The maximum size of the PDF file to upload is 4 MB.
  • A maximum of 50 PDF files can be uploaded for one invoice.

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