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Best Practice to Enable Subscription Auto-Renewal for Bill Runs

If you set Auto Renew to Yes, a subscription automatically renews when its initial term comes to an end. Auto-renewals are triggered by an automatically generated renewal amendment. The amendment is created by Zuora Billing on the last day of the initial term at 07:00 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) regardless of your tenant time zone.


Your tenant’s renewal amendment will be triggered based on the system default time or your specified time. Note that the renewal amendment is processed asynchronously and Zuora does not guarantee the renewal to be completed within a certain time. Typically the renewal will be completed within a few hours.


In this context, the best practice is to select the Automatically renew auto-renew subscriptions that are up for renewal check box when creating scheduled bill runs. Then, in the case that auto-renewals are delayed, the bill run can trigger the subscription renewal when billing is performed for the corresponding account.