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Avoid sending $0 invoices

When doing a bill run there is an option under processing rules that you can click "Do not email invoices with 0 Invoice Total". I have checked that option but Zuora continues to send out the $0 invoices. We do a lot of consulting business so a customer may get a couple of invoices that need paid but then may not use our services for a few months. The only workaround I have found is to cancel the service and cancel the customer. Does anyone have a better way? Why the rule if it doesn't work? TIA for any information.

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Re: Avoid sending $0 invoices


Practically speaking, if you have that checkbox checked on the bill run, it should not send out $0 invoices to the customer;


As a workaround and so you do not have to cancel the service and customer account, have you tried creating an alternate communication profile?


When you know the customer is not using your service for a few months you could set their communication profile to one that does not send invoice communications; while it's not 100% ideal, you still get the benefit of keeping the customer account and being able to suspend the service for a few months while they may be using your company for consulting.


Deleting your customer account and service will not give you great metrics in the long-term.

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Re: Avoid sending $0 invoices

Thanks for your input. I wanted to see what happened when I ran my monthly bill run. I clicked the "do not email invoices with 0 Invoice Total"...it still emailed invoices with $0. 


I will look int the communication profile you mentioned.