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Advanced Payment Management

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Advanced Payment Management



We are in the process of implementing Invoice Settlement and have encountered an issue with respect to Advanced Payment Management in Invoice Settlement and Unapplying, Applying, and Refunding Payments.


With Advanced Payment Management, a user can enter a Payment and not apply the payment (Unapplied).  At this point, our custom TransferredToAccounting flag would be set to Yes to prevent this transaction (Debit Cash, Credit On-Account) from being sent to the GL again via our integration to our ERP system.  


At a later time, a user can choose the same Payment and apply part of the part and also refund part of the payment.  Therefore, we would need to be able to send two additional transactions to our GL, one for the application (Debit On-Account, Credit Accounts Receivable) and another for the refund (Debit On-Account, Credit Cash). 


The only issue is that because we have set the custom TransferredToAccounting flag to Yes, our integration will not pick up these transactions again, unless the flag is set to No, which we would rather not do.


Is anyone else having this issue?  What was your solution?  We are based in San Francisco and would love to hear from someone else who may have encountered this same issue.