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Re: Adding payment processing fees

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Adding payment processing fees

Hi everyone.


I am not sure if this has been answered elsewhere on these forums, but after a hour of searching I haven't turned up anything so I must be missing something.


I am looking for information regarding payment processing fees and how to add them to an invoice based the the particular payment method (credit card visa/credit card mastercard/direct debit/etc). This is definitely a common feature, but I'm assuming it might go by another term so I'm hoping someone might be able to point me to the relevant place.





Re: Adding payment processing fees

Hi Stephen,


One way would be to add the fees to the subscription using charges. In our case we are looking into relating the different payment methods to a specific payment method fee (this requires to have some kind of middleware that can manage this or a process in Zuora where users will have to add the corresponding charge). Once a customer switches between the payment methods we remove/add the corresponding charges. There is an example on knowledge center for late payment fees that stipulates the same (using charges for late payments). You can find it here:


I am not aware of any documentation from Zuora regarding this. The above suggestion is my own solution to it. If you get hold of anything please let me know.


Kind regards


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Re: Adding payment processing fees

Thanks for the response perswardh.


I was thinking about that approach and am not opposed to it, but was really hoping there was an alternate way. All good, we have engaged Zuora directly to see what we can come up with together.