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Add usage table to invoice if and only if usage is invoiced

Dear all,

I am looking for your experience and ideas ...


We are a multi entity I want to use 1 inoivce template per unit. This should cover all kind of subscriptions, one-time, recurring, usage.

So we have customers with recuring subscriptions and customers with usage subscriptions. The table with the usage details/summary should only be visible when there is a usage.

I made this happen see attached screenshot / file, but the header for the table is repeatet line by line.

I tried several ways to build the table but I am not happy with the result.


Anyone here who had the same issue and solved it?

Kind regardsUsage table.JPG


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Re: Add usage table to invoice if and only if usage is invoiced

Hi @Thoeff 

If you open the attached OOTB invoice template, you will notice how the USAGE DETAILS table Header is designed. As for the request display usage summary table only when there is record, maybe this document might help Conditional Logic (IF Fields) https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/CB_Billing/IA_Invoices/Creating_a_Custom_Invoice_Template/EA_IF_Fi...


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Re: Add usage table to invoice if and only if usage is invoiced

Hi @Yong ,

thanks for your link which helped me together with another link.

So I got a solution, I would like to share:


Account has recurring contracts and usage contracts. To avoid diferent invoice templates/accounts, create a invoice template that shows usage infomation only and really only if usage is invoiced.

How to do:

  1. Create the table for the usage you want to show on the invoice
  2. Create a bookmark for the field Usage.UOM
    1. How to create a bookmark:https://community.zuora.com/t5/Zuora-CPQ/Cannot-use-the-same-mergefield-outside-of-table/m-p/21674#!...
  3. Create a IF (thanks Yong) and use as operator the bookmark
    1. {IF «Usage.UOM» = "Letter" "" ""}
  4. CUT the usage table (actually outside the IF command and PASTE it to the "then" part of the IF command.

For 3.: my UOM is letter, but it is probably different for other cases or you might to expand the condition by "Or" commands.

The screenshot does not show the perfect fomat, but here I only describe the way.

Usage table.JPG


Kind regards



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