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Account with Multiple SoldToContacts

Is it possible through API to add multiple SoldToContacts for an Account in a single call?

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Zuora Staff

Re: Account with Multiple SoldToContacts

No, but this isn't an API restriction, in Zuora a billing account can only have one sold to contact. A billing account can have many contacts, but only one contact can be designated the sold to contact. Sold to contact location determines tax jurisdiction, hence this restriction.


Re: Account with Multiple SoldToContacts

Ok, in that case, is there any alternate way where a payment is applicable to multiple contacts for a payment run? Scenario is, I have an admin who pays for all his subordinate's products and I would like to track by each contact part of that payment.


Also, what is the use of contacts - to use in different payment runs?



Zuora Staff

Re: Account with Multiple SoldToContacts

A billing account must have at least one contact object and often has two contact objects, one for sold to and one for bill to (they can be the same contact so you only have to have one). The purpose of the bill to contact is to identify who the invoice is going to go to, the sold to identifies the location of where the service or product is being delivered which may be entirely different than who is paying for the invoice and is required for accurate taxation. 


And yes, you can have more contact objects, but they're not of much use!


Often that bill to is an accurate indicator of who is paying, not the sold to. Again the intent of 'sold to' is to drive taxation, it's not intended to capture who is actually paying.


But there are additional features in Zuora that allow you to have multiple payers of an invoice or have a single payer for invoices that are sourced from multiple subscriptions or billing accounts.


For example, every subscription have a property known as 'invoice owner', by default this is the associated billing account, but you can change that so the invoice owner is another, different, billing account. That second account may have subscriptions of it's own and so one billing account can pay for invoices for multiple subscriptions that belong to different billing accounts.


Conversely a single billing account can have multiple payment methods (credit cards typically) and you can use multiple payment methods to pay down a single invoice. In today's Zuora the automated payment run feature assumes that one of those credit cards is the default card and that card is then used to pay off all invoices for that billing account. But I have to stress that's for the automated out of the box payment run feature. Using the api or the ui you can partially pay an invoice with one card and then use another card to pay the remaining balance.


Also Zuora is introducing a new add-on product next month called Collect that beefs up the automated payment run feature where you can associated a credit card with a subscription and that card will be used to pay for all charges on an invoice that belong to that subscription. So that one payment method to invoice restriction in today's payment runs gets lifted. 


Hope this helps, but I don't have as clear an understanding of your use case as I'd like so I may be missing your actual issue. If this is the case just let me know, happy to help if I can.