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Account Statuses

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Account Statuses

Does Zuora come out-of-the-box with support for Account Statuses? If so, what are the built-in Account Statuses?


Example of typical account statuses would be:

  • Pending - for new accounts that are in process of having their services activated
  • Active - for new accounts that have had their services activated
  • Suspended - due to a failed payment or at customer's request
  • Cancelled (or Disconnected) - for customers that have disconnected their account and all services


Zuora Alumni

Re: Account Statuses

Hi Doug,


Zuora does have account statuses, but I wouldn't recommend using them for your use cases. The statuses within Zuora are "Draft", "Active", and "Canceled". An account is in draft until the bill to and sold to contacts are identified at the account level. An active account is an account with active subscriptions set up on it. A canceled account is one that has no active subscriptions and your company has decided to mark as canceled. 


My suggestion would be to create a custom field on the account level and create all the statuses off a picklist that can be customized to your business needs. My two reasons for this suggestion are below: 


1) If you are using Salesforce or a similar CSM system, using a custom field will allow you to match the status in Salesforce. That way both systems are consistient in terms of customer status. In this case, you can also use statuses such as "Suspend-NonPay", "Suspend-CustomerChoice", and other statuses your company wants to use. 


2) If you choose to use the statuses in Zuora, and you cancel an account due to non-payment, payments the customer may make to clear the balance can't be applied to outstanding invoices without reactivating the account. 


If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.