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[Accepted Solution] Why is my usage not uploaded?

Problem: After your usage file is uploaded, you see a similar message like this one, ""1 usage import is still not completed as of 2/3/12 3:20 PM.""  If you wait for a while and refresh the page, the message disappears and nothing happens.


Solution: In this case, most likely the usage is not uploaded successfully due to some errors.  In the past, there would be a pop-up that shows you what the errors could be.  In our recent release, the pop-up is replaced with an email notification which provides you more details on the error.  


To enable this email notification, please do the following steps.

- Go to Username > Billing > Setup Profiles, Notifications and Email Templates

- Click on Edit link next to Import Processed | Failed Status notification (please see edit.png)




- Enable Active option and click save (please see enable.png)



You can then try to upload your usage again.  If it fails, you will receive an email notification which tells you what the errors are.

We strongly recommend that you enable Import Processed | Completed Status notification as well, as it will tell you that your usage upload is successful.

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