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maintain a continuous invoice numbering series for processed invoices

Feature Request:

Create the possibility to mantain a continuous invoice numbering series for processed invoices, allowing the release of the assigned invoice number of a draft invoice that has been deleted. Thus, the invoice number of the deleted invoice can still be used for invoices generated in the future -- addressing the issue of having gaps on invoice numbers of valid invoices. 


Status: under evaluation

Reference Number: DE9610

Business Need:

* The Spanish law requires the existence of a continuous invoice numbering series of valid invoices.

* The current design in Z-Billing is that a definitive invoice number is used when the invoice is created, and if a draft invoice is deleted, the invoice number is not released, and it is maintained although the invoice doesn't exist. Whenever an invoice object has been created on a specific tenant or environment, the invoice number should be unique -- the invoice number that would be used when creating a new invoice should be unique regardless if the said invoice number is used by an existing invoice or a deleted invoice.

Community Manager
Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration
Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Implemented

With the permission "Sequential Billing Document Number", which is currently available in Zuora in Limited Availability, when enabled, numbering for invoices will be applied upon posting. This reduces the possibility of numbering gaps due to deleted draft invoices. If you wish to have access to the feature, please submit a request to enable the permission at Zuora Global Support.