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mikemartin Partner


For non-English speakers, the country field in payment pages should be in Alphabetical order.


When passing in a locale to the payment pages that's not in English, Zuora should display the country drop down in alphabetical order. Currently it doesn't which leads to poor customer experience.


Locale preview

Resultant non-sorted country drop down list

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 13.40.29.png


Customers who speak French, German etc shouldn't have to have in their heads what the english name is, then translate to the german name for example when choosing their country from the drop down. E.g. Germany begins with G in English but D (Deutschland) in German, therefore Deutschland should appear in the 'D' part of the drop down. Likewise Spanish customers should be looking at the 'E' part of the drop down, not having to scroll much further down for 'S'.

Status: Implemented
bolaurent Master


The current schema (PO Number is on Account) seems to assume that the Zuora user has only one PO with any account. In our case, we have customers with multiple subscriptions, and they issue a PO per subscription. Not only that, they issue a PO for an amendment.

masberg Honor Student

Honor Student

In the currect function we are unable to amend a products billing period, which is a function we would highly appriciate as the terms and conditions sometimes changes during the agreement period. 

jasong Student


Currently, the Zuora API supports CORS-enabled API requests for managing credit cards, but not for ACH. 


We don't want to see bank information travel across our infrastructure for the same reason we don't want to see credit card numbers.  I would love to be able to have a CORS-enabled call to manage ACH information for our customers.

Jritter Honor Student

Honor Student

We would be able to save lots of money on our interchange processing rates if we were able to send Level 3 data to our gateway Cybersource.  I see that Zuora only currently has an ability to do this on Chase Paymentech.  Can you please provide an ability to do this with Cybersource?

Status: Under Consideration

Yes this is on our radar and is currently in our backlog. We'll update this community idea when we have firmer timing on the release date.

jfimbres Savvy Scholar

Savvy Scholar

Apply credit balance to invoice without having to go through a payment run. Too many transactions to apply credits manually. We send orders from Salesforce and would like the option for customer account credit balance to apply to invoices upon invoice creation.


Scenario: Prepayment


Customer sends us a check in advance of purchasing specific products. We apply that credit amount to the customer account so there is now a customer credit balance. When those products are ultimately purchased, the credit balance on that customer account should apply toward the invoices created and in a timely way so that the customer doesn't receive two invoices: 1 before credit balance applied and the other after credit balance applied. We autogenerate invoice related emails to customers upon invoice posting. They should only see one invoice with the credit balance amount applied.

bolaurent Master


Create Amendment UI

Status: New Idea
by Master bolaurent ‎03-01-2017 08:32 PM - edited ‎03-01-2017 08:33 PM

If I am viewing an Account in Zuora UI, and I display the All Amendments sub-tab, then click the "create new amentment" link, Zuora insists that I first "Search Customer by Name or Account No", and then "Then Select a Subscription". But it already knows which account I want. If there's only one subscription, it can figure that out as well. 


Please make this part of the UI smarter!










MartineHolst Advanced Tutor

Advanced Tutor



Currently the only options for Invoice Delivery Preference in Zuora is Print and Email. In Norway invoices sent to the Norwegian public sector must be sent electronically in the Elektronisk Handelsformat (EHF) based on the Universal Business Language (UBL). If the invoices is not sent electronically the customer can refuse to pay the invoice. As a result of the requirement we have developed a third option for invoicing - electronically invoicing. The solution is fully deployed in Zuora and as fas as we can see it is working fine. But we are experiencing an issue; As the options in Zuora are only Print and Email we have to do a "workaround" and enable the Invoice delivery preference to "No" when the customer should receive the invoice electronically. But we get a problem when we are distributing the invoices. When exporting the invoice PDF's for printing (invoice delivery preference=print), also the invoices with invoice delivery preference "No" are exported as PDF's. A consequence is that the customer will get the invoice twice both electronically and in print. Is it possible is to extend the Invoice Delivery Preference to more options to ensure that that only the invoices with invoice delivery preferebce "Print" are exported and printed?


For example; Delivery Preferences equeals Print (X), Email (0) and EHF (0).


Kind regards,



mattbaker Scholar


Split Payment Terms

Status: Under Consideration
by Scholar mattbaker on ‎11-24-2016 06:57 AM

Requirement for Split payment terms - Invoice presented/required upfront but payment terms split over time, e.g. every 30days

Status: Under Consideration

We're currently gathering requirements and formulating a design around this. It may make it into the backlog.

bolaurent Master


I'm experimenting with ways to enter complex deals, and a very talented Zuora SA is working with me. We are entering multiple recurring charges on a rate plan, with each set to end after one billing period. It's requiring significant experimentation to arrive at the result we want. We sure wish, when we need to run the experiment again, we could clone an existing subscription in draft mode and edit the thing.

An alternative would be (in sandbox) to allow me to unlock a sub even after it has been activated.

scott_westbrook Scholar


In Australia/NZ we need the ability to turn off the automatic generation of updated invoice PDF's after the processing of Payments, Refunds, Amendments etc. The first PDF needs to be generated and maintained as the original record for audit and Customer enquiry purposes. 


At the moment there is a Tenant setting that can be set to not generate PDF's at all, however this is not sufficient as we need to generate the first and no more

Status: Under Consideration

I have added this to the backlog for possible inclusion in a future release. Thanks.

waly Tutor


Return State/Province ISO Codes

Status: Under Consideration
by Tutor on ‎11-08-2016 11:51 AM - last edited on ‎11-15-2016 02:46 AM by Community Manager



One of my customers needs to have the state/province ISO codes returned instead of or along with the state names when querying for accounts or contacts. Can we please add this feature?





Status: Under Consideration

Good idea! I'll investigate this as a possible enhancement.

Renaldo ZME


Many European merchants require the ability to produce invoice and credit numbering for specific document types, geographical regions, channels or business units.


These number sequences should be definable by the user including length, prefix, starting number, value, etc.


Status: Coming Soon



We are planning to make billing document prefix and start number configurable. We are considering a further enhancement to support multiple billing document prefix/sequence sets within a single entity. Thanks.

lderezinski Tutor


Samsung pay

Status: New Idea
by Tutor lderezinski on ‎08-17-2016 05:59 PM

Support a payment gateway which accepts Samsung Pay 

Zuora-Support Community Manager

Community Manager

Customer Statements

Status: Under Consideration
by Community Manager on ‎01-13-2016 11:27 AM

Zuora really needs customer account statements. These should be able to be pulled at any time without running an invoice. It would combine charges, payment, and balance information in one place. Customers often request at least a year's history. The workaround to use a custom invoice is clunky and doesn't really cut it. Every other accounting system that I have used has this capability.  

Status: Under Consideration

We are in the early stages of the design process for statements. We'll let you know how this is proceeding. Thanks.

peterwalsham Tutor


We send an Upcoming Renewal email 60 days prior to a subscription renewal, but there are a very limited set of merge fields available.


I would like to be able to include a full list of fields (including custom fields) from:


  • Account
  • Default Payment Method


The Invoice Posted notification was enhanced in the past and now has a very rich set of fields available. I would like a similar level of details available for Upcoming Renewal.


Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.24.11.png


Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.23.52.png

Seb Tutor


Z.render() Error: 'X-Frame-Options'

Status: Under Consideration
by Tutor Seb on ‎11-08-2016 03:28 AM



There is a JS error everytime we render the iframe using Z.render() method. 

Somone point it out already here:


It would be great to have a fix for that.



Status: Under Consideration

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'll look into it. 

grayjoa Scholar


BillRunPreview Queuing

Status: Under Consideration
by Scholar grayjoa on ‎11-02-2016 09:23 AM

Currently it is only possible to run a single BillRunPreview call at a time. You have to wait for the current request to complete before you can submit another call. There should be a queuing ability inside Zuora instead of customers needing to handle the queuing.

Status: Under Consideration

This is a good idea. I'll investigate for inclusion in a future release.

Renaldo ZME


Merchant is selling subscriptions with varying terms and wants to allow the customer to put all their subscriptions into a single checkout basket, generate an invoice for the subscriptions in the (current) basket, and then collect payment for this payment.


The generate invoice invoice API requires the ability to pass a list of Subscription Id's so that the invoice can be created for only those subs, and not other subs that may already exist on the account.


This use case is relevant for both B2B and B2C merchants.

Status: Under Consideration

This is a good enhancement request. I'll consider it for an upcoming release. Thanks.

leemariemcmahon Scholar


Invoice Item-Zero Dollar-Dollar Amt.png

If We have Nexus in that state even when that line item has zero $ value;the Tax Calculatoins are the same

Avalara calculates any applicable tax (state,county,city,special tax) against the zero dollar line item and charges me for those transactions if they are the greater of the line item count,tax call count or invoice count

To reduce the operational cost on zero dollar revenue : Can I filter for Zero on line item prior to using the Avalara Connector ?

I'd love a Z setting that states: if the line item or even the total value of invoice = 0 do not import line item into Avalara Connector 


Status: Coming Soon



We are tracking this requirement and plan to schedule this in an upcoming release. The plan is to add a configuration option such that when enabled, if the invoice item amount is $0, Zuora will not send the item to Avalara for tax calculation. Thanks for the suggestion!


Nick Harlow