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hopeguns Tutor


Need the ability to have multiple bill-to contacts per customer account and allow each contact to pay a portion (percentage or fixed amount) of each invoice.


For example, a subscription for MOM, where the cost is shared by 2 or more children. 


Currently, we are faking this by creating multiple subscriptions, but this artificially inflates our subscription data. 

Najwa Zuora Staff

Zuora Staff

Currently, Zuora generates Invoice even if the total amount is 0. Some Zuora clients would like to have the possibility to not generate invoice when total amount 0.

In most of EU countries, if an invoice is generated (even if total amount is 0), it has to be send to the end customer specially for B2B customers and this is very confusing.

Status: Under Consideration

We're considering an enhancement to not create billing documents if all items are 0. We will actually still need to create invoices with a mixture of positive and negative items, the sum of which is 0 because item-level accounting will require the ability to register those items. We're also considering adding a filter in the UI to remove 0 amount billing documents from the table.

loganjones Scholar


Currently, Zuora does not 'officially' support 27% of desktop browser usage in the US (stats here). While we can be perscriptive about browser use for our internal Zuora users, this is a fairly major concern implementing Payment Pages. It's not practical for us to A) hope customers can use the Payment Page despite their browser being unsupported, or B) require customers who can use our product just fine to switch browers to pay us. 


Since Safari (9%), IE (11%), and Edge (7%) collectively make up 27% of browser use, Zuora should prioritize including these browers in their support policy.  


Discount for shorter payment terms

Status: New Idea
by Tutor TessaGraziano on ‎08-06-2018 07:04 AM

I submitted a ticket to the support center and was told this functionality currently wasn't available but that it would be great idea to submit here. Our normal payment terms are 30 days from the date the invoice is created. We would like to give our clients a 1% discount if the invoice is paid within 10 days of it being created. They would still have 30 days to pay, so we only want to give the discount if payment is received in 10 days. It's currently a manual process to manage this. We have to monitor the account to see if it's paid within the 10 days, then amend the subscription to add a one time discount so the invoice can be revised. 

gayendra Zuora Staff

Zuora Staff

Numeric Custom Field

Status: New Idea
by Zuora Staff on ‎07-04-2018 12:08 AM

Ability to define Custom Field in Zuora as Numeric.


Currently, Zuora only allows text, picklist or date.


Number conversion and using Zoql against a number within text field is not efficient. 

Renaldo Zuora Staff

Zuora Staff

It is currently only posiible to automatically uplift subscription charge prices at the time of renewal.


An option to allow (adhoc) automated price increases (product catalogue or percentage increase) should be included in the Bill Run so that merchants can target customers/charges for price changes.

mrichmond Tutor


REST API Endpoint for Invoice Retrieval by InvoiceNumber

Status: New Idea
by Tutor mrichmond ‎08-14-2018 08:34 AM - edited ‎08-14-2018 08:37 AM

There is a deficiency in the Orders creation endpoint where the response returned from the creation does not contain Invoice IDs, only Invoice Numbers (see below). The problem with that, is there is no REST endpoint that allows us to look up an Invoice by InvoiceNumber.


    "success": true,
    "orderNumber": "O-00000014",
    "accountNumber": "A00000001",
    "status": "Completed",
    "subscriptionNumbers": [
    "invoiceNumbers": [
    "paymentNumber": "P-00000001",
    "paidAmount": 5.03

By not providing an endpoint to look up an Invoice by InvoiceNumber, we're forced to execute a ZOQL query to retrieve invoice data, but we cannot readily model our data consistently as we would be able to if there was a REST endpoint that provided an Invoice object, just looked up by InvoiceNumber instead of Id.


We propose either of the following solutions:

  1. Creation of an additional REST API endpoint that will retrieve an Invoice object by InvoiceNumber
  2. Provide the Invoice ID (not just Number) back in the payload of the Order Creation response.
jgalloway Scholar


Email Invoice Delivery Status after sent

Status: New Idea
by Scholar jgalloway ‎08-09-2018 06:46 AM - edited ‎08-09-2018 06:47 AM

Other software that sends emails on behalf of a sender usually provide information about the status of an email once it is sent. I need to know whether the email was 'undeliverable', 'unopened', 'opened', or 'replied'. Since there is no place for notes without an add-on and we do not have this information, it is difficult to prove the customer received the invoice.

Najwa Zuora Staff

Zuora Staff

Assign the invoice number only when an invoice is posted to avoid Invoice Number Sequence Gap when creating or cancelling a draft invoice. The idea here is to apply the invoice number only when the invoice is posted, for the non-posted invoices we could have a temporary invoice number with another sequence. This should be core feature.



Ex: For the 11th Invoice draft created would have invoice number : TMP00000011 when posted invoice number applied would be INV00000006 as this invoice is the 6th invoice posted.

Status: Coming Soon

We're implementing new capability in the billing engine to handle gapless sequencing more effectively. This is the way billing document numbers will be assigned.

Renaldo Zuora Staff

Zuora Staff

Help reduce rate plan explosion by providing alternative product rate plan charge configuration options.


  • Billing frequency should be a set of multi-select checkboxes
  • Tax Mode and Tax Code should be dynamically selected based on pre-configured region settings.
  • Country specific pricing, i.e. same currency, different country, different price


Nigel Master


Allow annual list price base

Status: New Idea
by Master Nigel on ‎04-16-2018 05:48 AM

Is there a reason for only having monthly or weekly list price base options?  We'd like to define an annual price, but have an arbitrary number of months in the term

brunorovito Student


Expose a developer console or simulator to allow for testing of  Notifications and Email templates, including callouts, without having to run or wait for real world cases to happen. 

Some of the events that would be intersting to test: 
- Payment Declined (First Attempt and retries) 
- Payment Method expiration (15 and 30 day warnings) 
- etc

Thank you.

skennedy Tutor


our Billing really depends on the type of products purchased (or complexity of the deal).   Currently Billing Batches are assigned per Account.  But we'd like to assign Billing Batches per subscriptions


Example: Support subscription - is paid annual up front - so that can go out as soon as order is processed no issues.  But a second order for professional services - is split into multiple payments, that are dependent on customer acceptance or milestone.  Upon processing the order - we know what the payments are split (30/20/20/20/10%) and we may have target projected dates in the SOW that each of those may be invoiced on.  BUt we can't invoice those split payments until the cusotmer actually accepts each milestone.


So A.  Splitting the inovice into these payments %, and giving them dates - once you post the invoice - it posts for all 5 payments.  We need to have the ability to put this subscription in a seperate "customer acceptance" billing batch - that will have to be hand held/coordinate with project management to confirm that we have the acceptance and cand send the next invoice out, or if not,need to edit the invoice date and push the date out. 


** this also spurrs another idea - for split invoicing, to be able to post the invoices individually. 

nmartelliere Scholar


invoice creation tool

Status: New Idea
by Scholar nmartelliere on ‎02-21-2018 12:05 PM

Managing invoice templates with Word is very demanding.
Tools such as BIRT or Crystal Report, for example, offer much more advanced invoice model creation possibilities.

kcavanaugh Scholar


Hi Team, 


With the number of daily bill runs we process, it's inevitable that someone will accidentally fire off an 'All Batches' bill run in error due to the default settings populating 'All Batches' as the target. 


This happens maybe once a quarter at most, but each time it basically shuts down normal billing functions as we wait for that to complete (since there is no way to cancel these All Batch bill runs once they are kicked off). In our tennat, the whole run takes about 2 hours and then we are left with thousands of unneeded invoices. 


I do understand that these are created due to an error on the user's end, but if the default value could be set to the specific Billing Batch dropdown instead of 'All Batches' this would siginifcantly decrease (or probably eliminiate) these being generated. Thanks!

robinryan Honor Student

Honor Student

Proforma Billing

Status: New Idea
by Honor Student robinryan on ‎09-28-2017 08:16 AM

We would like the option of creating a proforma billing that we can send to our customer in order to request payment in advance of recording an actual bill.  The proforma bill does not generate a GL transaction but is visible on the account somehow so when payment is received we can identify the account.

rdeloach Scholar


Invoices Email sends URL not PDF

Status: New Idea
by Scholar rdeloach on ‎05-01-2018 05:58 AM

To help get through the various spam filters, can Zuora manage sending a link in an email to download the invoice PDF without a login or other authentication?  This would greatly help in email delivery.

jhileman Valued Scholar

Valued Scholar

Create Callout for New Payment Method Added

Status: New Idea
by Valued Scholar jhileman on ‎05-22-2018 09:17 AM



Please create a standard callout for new payment method added. Currently, there is a callout only for payment method updated. I understand that it may be possible to create our own custom notifcations/callouts Ideally, we wouldn't be required to do this. Here is the use case:


We have built a overdue balance and collections process leveraging Zuora's suspend/resume amendments. Our middleware looks at each account daily and take action against accounts with a balance due greater than $100. We notify the customer via email several times over a 14-day period. If the account still has a balance due of > $100 on the 15th day, we suspend all the subs on the account, notify the customer again, and callout to our products removing access. 
The notifications we send to the customer give them direction on how update their payment method(s). we have enabled the "payment method update" callout and that works fine, for when a customer updates an existing payment method. But if they add a new payment method entirely, we are not able to notify our middleware and therefore unable to collect on the account and resume service.
A callout for payment method added would be perfect. or the ability to create our own custom callouts. (reference above) if the latter, we need to know what condition to use in order to trigger the callout.
Zuora-Support Community Manager

Community Manager

Customer Statements

Status: Under Consideration
by Community Manager on ‎01-13-2016 11:27 AM

Zuora really needs customer account statements. These should be able to be pulled at any time without running an invoice. It would combine charges, payment, and balance information in one place. Customers often request at least a year's history. The workaround to use a custom invoice is clunky and doesn't really cut it. Every other accounting system that I have used has this capability.  

Status: Under Consideration

We are in the early stages of the design process for statements. We'll let you know how this is proceeding. Thanks.

mikemartin Partner


For non-English speakers, the country field in payment pages should be in Alphabetical order.


When passing in a locale to the payment pages that's not in English, Zuora should display the country drop down in alphabetical order. Currently it doesn't which leads to poor customer experience.


Locale preview

Resultant non-sorted country drop down list

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 13.40.29.png


Customers who speak French, German etc shouldn't have to have in their heads what the english name is, then translate to the german name for example when choosing their country from the drop down. E.g. Germany begins with G in English but D (Deutschland) in German, therefore Deutschland should appear in the 'D' part of the drop down. Likewise Spanish customers should be looking at the 'E' part of the drop down, not having to scroll much further down for 'S'.

Status: Implemented