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eschindler Student


We would like to have the ability to use Cardinal Commerce's 3D secure technology on our payment page hosted by Zuora. 

masberg Tutor


We would like to have the opportunity to not send any automatic reminders on specific invoices. For example, if we have an ongoing discussion with a customer regarding a specific invoice we would like to silent that invoice so that no further reminders are being sent on that invoice. However, the customer may have other unpaid invoices which should recieve reminders. In this case you do not want to change the customer's communication profile, but only the invoice which is under dispute. 


Zuora recommending setting up communication profiles to filter these customers. But the issue is not the entire customer account nor the entire customer's outstanding payment, but only a specific invoice. If we would send an automatic notification regarding service termination that would harm our relationship with the customer. Basically, it would be a good idea if you could turn off notifications on specific invoices rather than change number of notifications on the customer account. 


Thank you.

henryqdineen Newly Enrolled

Newly Enrolled

This would be useful so we can allow users to update their payment methods and re-enter their CVV when they change their Expiration Date. 

Emmanuel Savvy Scholar

Savvy Scholar

Currently Subscriptions date (CED, SAD, CAD) can be updated both in the UI and through API as long as there's no amendment (and it's not been billed yet).


This is a bit restrictive in some cases, and in particular in this one: the subscription is activated, unbilled yet, and transferred to another account. Then on the new owning account, it's impossible ti update the dates...In orde to do so, the transfer amendment has to be deleted, the subscription updated, and a new transfer amendment re-created.


In a context where data must be audited, deletion of objects should not be permitted... and here we are in a situation where we have no other choice...


The proposal is to relax conditions under which update of subscription dates can be performed.

jraab New Student

New Student

When we email an invoice to a customer, a box pops up to confirm the email address for the invoice delivery.  It gives an option to "Include Additional Email Addresses".  However, when sending a payment receipt this option is not available.  It would be nice to have this in case an additional email address is also needed for receipts.



smdavis Savvy Scholar

Savvy Scholar

Viewing Unprocessed Invoices/Payments

Status: New Idea
by Savvy Scholar smdavis on ‎08-07-2017 12:01 PM

Currently when payment runs are completed you are shown the number of and amount of unprocessed payments.  I would like a report that showed me what invoices those were or what accounts those belong to.  That would help me to see what is going on with those accounts and why payments are not processing.


Thank you!

tisubs Student


Create account currently accepts just the raw credit card details or a HPM id. It would be ideal to be able to create an account with an Apple Pay payment method in an atomic create account call.


Today the only way to create an account with an Apple Pay payment method is to use Actions and Objects. Any merchant that's gone the route of using the atomic/friendly create account will face considerable effort to add support for Apple Pay.

BScott Tutor


Split Invoice Feature - Dollar Amount option

Status: New Idea
by Tutor BScott on ‎08-09-2017 01:57 PM

Currently, the invoice split can only do percentage split.  It would be great if we could have the option to split invoices by dollar amounts, it would save a lot of time especially when have to have all percentage splits equal to 100%

masberg Tutor


Email notification whenever an email fails

Status: New Idea
by Tutor masberg on ‎06-14-2017 07:01 AM

As of today, we do not recieve any notification if we post invoices and the deliver of email fails. This could mean that our customers never recieves their invoices. In addition, we would have no idea if any invoices fails to be delivered. 

Renaldo Zuora SME

Zuora SME

Merchants want the ability to check if a credit card already exists in the system. 


An API that results in a true/false will give the merchant the abilty to decide a course of action.

robert_s New Student

New Student



We have a problem with the "Hosted Domain" required field on the Hosted Payment Page configuration page. This limits the payment page to only one domain, which poses increasing developer overhead for us, because we have multiple different test environments, which should share the same Payment Page. Instead we have to create a new payment page for every new test domain we want to use.


This does not scale, as we have to update an increasing number of payment pages every time we want to roll out a change to the styling or other functionality of the page that needs to be changed through the Hosted Pages settings.


This is also preventing us from using developer workflows like Heroku's Review Apps, which spins a new instance of our application on a custom subdomain for each new feature we're developing.


Thus we'd like to request for the "Hosted Domain" configuration field to be upgraded to support adding wildcards and multiple domains, or even turn off that check entirely. This would greatly help us in our Zuora developer and testing workflows.


Thank you

mikemartin Partner


For non-English speakers, the country field in payment pages should be in Alphabetical order.


When passing in a locale to the payment pages that's not in English, Zuora should display the country drop down in alphabetical order. Currently it doesn't which leads to poor customer experience.


Locale preview

Resultant non-sorted country drop down list

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 13.40.29.png


Customers who speak French, German etc shouldn't have to have in their heads what the english name is, then translate to the german name for example when choosing their country from the drop down. E.g. Germany begins with G in English but D (Deutschland) in German, therefore Deutschland should appear in the 'D' part of the drop down. Likewise Spanish customers should be looking at the 'E' part of the drop down, not having to scroll much further down for 'S'.

Status: Implemented
renaldog Student


Due to European portability rules, merchants need to know the credit card issuing country


It would be helpful to have this information returned in Zuora HPM response or in payment method transaction log.

Renaldo Zuora SME

Zuora SME

Merchants require the ability to change between payment methods.

This involves 3 api calls to change the payment method, gateway  and set the auto-pay flag.

It would be helpful and timesaving if we could make the change in a single api call.

gholmes Newly Enrolled

Newly Enrolled

Setting Default Bill Run Processing Rules

Status: New Idea
by Newly Enrolled gholmes on ‎07-03-2017 05:31 PM

We'd really like the ability to be able to set these default settings for each new bill run that is created. In particular, we would like Do not email invoices with 0 total enabled by default, as we run the business risk of sending confusing 0 dollar invoices if it stays unchecked.

Processing Rules.PNG

Thank you!

adas Tutor



Need the ability for ZUora to send bounce back notification to tenant's admin users whenever an email is send to the customer but the email address is invalid.




Zuora-Support Community Manager

Community Manager

Customer Statements

Status: Under Consideration
by Community Manager on ‎01-13-2016 11:27 AM

Zuora really needs customer account statements. These should be able to be pulled at any time without running an invoice. It would combine charges, payment, and balance information in one place. Customers often request at least a year's history. The workaround to use a custom invoice is clunky and doesn't really cut it. Every other accounting system that I have used has this capability.  

Status: Under Consideration

We are in the early stages of the design process for statements. We'll let you know how this is proceeding. Thanks.

luigibattaglia Partner


Barcode creation enhancement

Status: New Idea
by Partner on ‎04-27-2017 08:28 AM



Unfortunately Zuora has some limitations in barcode rendering:


- Orientation: You can't create a barcode with a vertical orientation (only horizontal allowed).

- Dimension setting: You can't resize the barcode dimension; if you downsize the cell, Zuora automatically cuts the exceeding pieces. This may cause serious problems to the barcode reader.


It would be very useful if the barcode rendering was improved allowing the rotation and resizing.





Guillaume Scholar




It would be great to be able to assign two standalone Payment Methods (CC + Bank Transfer) to a Zuora Account, using the sendToZbilling() method or a REST Create Account (with Subscription) call.


This is because more and more Zuora customers want to sell goods and related services this way:


A first invoice, for the goods, should be paid by credit card (less risk of chargeback).

The following invoices should be paid by bank transfer (less fees, doesn't expire, etc.)


The Zuora customers only want to create the Account if the 2 standalone Payment Methods are already created successfully. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to refer to 2 standalone Payment Methods in a sendToZbilling() method or REST Create Account call.