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ability to produce invoice and credit numbering for specific document types

ability to produce invoice and credit numbering for specific document types

Many European merchants require the ability to produce invoice and credit numbering for specific document types, geographical regions, channels or business units.


These number sequences should be definable by the user including length, prefix, starting number, value, etc.


Zuora Staff

Agree with Renaldo. This is something we see on multiple projects in EMEA.

Zuora Product Team

Adding another use case to the ones already mentioned by Renaldo:


Bill on behalf (when a company produces an invoice on behalf of a Partner).



Zuora Staff

Another use-case for having defined invoice number ranges in Zuora is when the customer has multiple billing systems in parallel to Zuora. In this case the only way for them to secure the uniqueness of their invoice numbers is to assign different number ranges to different billing systems.


For customers that have billing for multiple legal entities in Zuora invoice number ranges must be possible to set per entity.

Zuora Staff

Yes, agrees, we need it many EMEA projects and this cant be delegated to an external app in RBM connect on the long term. 

The sequence ID should be defined at account level, and will have a couple of associated db sequences, one for Invoices, one for Credit notes.

Credit notes sequence ID should be taken from the invoice that is being adjusted tho.

Zuora Alumni

Great idea. As a SE in EMEA I came across this requirement a lot. 

Zuora Alumni

Would love to see this capability as part of the Zuora core offering. Europe has many use cases as outlined above where this would be utilised. Not just in the Enterprise space, but also for mid-market and commercial businesses.

Zuora Alumni
Status changed to: Coming Soon



We are planning to make billing document prefix and start number configurable. We are considering a further enhancement to support multiple billing document prefix/sequence sets within a single entity. Thanks.


 Hi @nharlow, could you please let us know if multiple prefix configuration is still on the roadmap?  And if so, what an estimated delivery range might be?  Thanks!

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Implemented

Ability to configure prefix and numbering for invoices, credit memos, and debit memos has been added to Zuora. See the Knowledge Center documentation here to learn more.