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Writing off invoices (with advanced AR) should have a configurable account code

Once an invoice has been created, 2 handy actions are under "More".  Reverse Invoice, which does exactly that and makes a credit memo exactly reversing the Debit/Credits to AR/Revenue accounting codes, and resets the charged through dates on the charges.


Write off does exactly the same except leaves the charged through dates alone. 

This is incorrect for accounting purposes however.  The revenue should remain untouched and instead the credit memo should credit AR and debit a "bad debt" or similar code.

This should be configurable, either in settings, or from the little box that pops up asking for the memo date.  Currently it's a very manual process to create the credit memo manually and remember to change the accounting code.

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Zuora Alumni
Status changed to: Under Consideration



This is a good idea. We are considering some enhancements to the Write-Off function, one of which is to make the accounting code configurable for cases like this. Thanks.