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UsageSummary.RateDetail needs to be fixed to work with On-Demand Usage Billing

UsageSummary.RateDetail needs to be fixed to work with On-Demand Usage Billing

We recently updated our Invoice Template to include the UsageSummary.RateDetail however we are seeing unexpected results from this field. I have attached below an image where we see the breakdown for 14,825 pages which were invoiced with a total value of $5,930. This valuation is correct for having the entire quantity of incremental invoiced in the second tier at $0.40 per page (which is the correct tier for this particular billing). However the UsageSummary.RateDetail section has these pages allocated across both the first and second tiers (Tier1: 5,000 pages x $0.45= $2,250; Tier2: 9,825 pages x $0.40 = $3,680). Not only is this incorrect that the incremental charge is being split between tiers, the value of tier two is not calculated correctly either, 9,825 * .4 = 3,930 not 3,680 as listed in this field. The mergefield is taking the value of the first tier and reducing it from the total price and then putting the balance on Tier 2 even though the math does not add up.


As per a recent case we opened with Zuora Support:

"Our Engineering team confirmed this is a limitation in Invoice Mail Merge when "on demand usage" exists and the invoice is not the first invoice containing usages in the same Billing Period, and the charge model is "Tiered Pricing".

Although the total amount is correct, the details on the composition of the total amount is not correct.

At this moment, there seems no workaround to this issue."


Since we use On-Demand rating for our Usage billing and typically have initial periods of longer than 1 month with usage charges throughout the initial period we are now going to need to remove this field from our invoicing as the current functionality of the field is causing confusion for our customers.

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This is a defect in existing functionality and should not be treated like a new feature request.



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Status changed to: Under Consideration



We will consider an enhancement to address this issue. Thanks for the detailed description of the issue. 



Nick Harlow