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UsageSummary RateDetail Needs to be Reformatted

UsageSummary RateDetail Needs to be Reformatted

The inclusion of the UsageSummay RateDetail field on the invoice can be very confusing in its current layout especially when usage is being calculated in either very large or complex tier set-ups. This could be alleviated by adding spacing into the Tier From and To, as well as not using a comma deliminator between the Tier To and the number of units included as part of that charge. Also Including the percentage


The below image is the UsageSummary.RateDetail field for a subscription which is billing usage across 4 tiers. As the numbers increase both in the From/To as well as the number of units being billed the detail becomes increasingly hard to read. Also the inclusion of " x 100%" on each tier is confusing and un-necessary since each individual usage record can only be charged against a single rate plan charge tier.


It would also be useful to be able to choose to either include the Tier From/To or to leave it off and only display the Tier Number and the number of included usage records at the given rate.

RatePlan Detail.png


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Zuora Alumni
Status changed to: Under Consideration



I'll think about this for a future release. Thanks!