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Re: The ability to add new custom payment methods - Status changed to: More Feedback Needed

The ability to add new custom payment methods

Existing payment methods do not cover all of Customer's requirements. Additionally, some payment methods are US-centric and do not match up in Canada. A possible solution is either allowing new custom payment methods to be created or allow existing payment methods to be renamed.

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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
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Extending the payment method entity with custom fields should also be nice!

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Great suggestion @msonsma. What additional payment methods are you interesting in?

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Status changed to: Under Consideration
Hi - We have a similar problem where we want to support some external Loyalty Programs to pay for subscriptions. And I was thinking to do external payments for all such transactions and use specific accounting code with that payment method type, but I don't see a way of create a new payment method type e.g. Loyalty Points - X that debits for Loyal Points account. Thanks!


We would use extra external payment methods to reflect different bank accounts,


We currently use custom fields to manage this manually but this is not ideal.


I have a similar issue, but would also consider being able to override the accounting on payment and refund transactions as an alternate approach.


Has there been any updates to this request.  I have a similar issue @chrisSwanson is facing.  I have differet payment mehtod to different banks.  I need the ability to add/rename payment methods and mapped them to the correct accounting code.


We would like the ability to add similar payment methods to the existing ones to distinguish which bank the payment is going to...also to a different GL account.

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Hi. I'll be great to have this feature enabled. We are processing payments for a certain set of customers through a payment gateway, which is not supported by Zuora. So our web portal connects to the gateway directly to process the payment, and records the payment on Zuora. If we could set the Payment Method value to the name of this payment gateway, it will enable us to extract a report of all such payements at a later point in time.