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Re: Suppressing Posting $0 Invoices with Usage

Suppressing Posting $0 Invoices with Usage

The ability to only create usage invoices for accounts with usage greater than 0 should be an added feature.  The inability to do this has created issues for our usage reporting specifically when we want to load usage in separate batches or need to go back in and make corrections after posting the invoices.  Having to delete posted documents is a control issue and not a good practice. 

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 This is a feature which has already been requested and is coming soon. I would recommend subscribing to the below article so you get notified when any new information gets posted:



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Status changed to: Coming Soon



I have added an item to the backlog to support this configuration setting. We do not have a scheduled delivery date, but will manage this as part of the backlog. Thanks!

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Is there an update on when this feature is going to be released? 




Can you provide an update when this option will be made available?