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Re: Supporting Stripe as a Payment Method Updater type

Supporting Stripe as a Payment Method Updater type

It would be great to add Stripe on the list of supported payment updater types. This would allow updating Amex and Discover credit cards as well.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

We are using Stripe as a main psp so it's really important to have this updater available. Therefore, I vote for this proposal.

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We are using Stripe, a Zuora supported payment gateway as our online service provider to process payments.


Currently Zuora lacks the support of Payment Method Updater for Stripe, a Zuora supported payment gateway. The lack of the functionality presents a big problem for us when dealing with failed credit card payments due outdated credit card details on file, therefore we want to stress on the importance for this key functionality towards Stripe for a us to proactively avoid revenue loss due as a result of failed credit card payments.


It would be very helpful for us if Zuora made PMU support for Stripe a priority.


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We use Stripe as our main payment processor and it would be extremely helpful to have the credit card expiration dates get updated. It greatly impacts our business and our customers if we have to reach out to them for this information.


We used to be able to get this through Stripe so it is definitely a draw back from moving to Zuora.

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We are using Stripe as well and would benefit from this too
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Is there any update on this?


Thanks in advance