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Re: Support Parent/Child Relationship in invoice template

Support Parent/Child Relationship in invoice template

Feature Request:  Users who have subscription owner = child account and invoice owner = parent account would like to be able to display the information on the child account (ie., subscription owner) at subscription and invoice item level in their invoice template.

Status: Under evaluation

Reference Number: PMT-966

Business Need: In many cases, users need to show information on the child accounts to their customer in the customer's invoice, especially in case one parent account being billed for multiple child accounts. The customer needs to know which invoice items belong to which child accounts.

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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration

There are additional scenarios where this would be a great enhancement. We're currently struggling with manual work to resolve the non-existing link between subscription owner and invoice owner in the invoice templates.

* We have resellers of our SaaS solution. The reseller is then the invoice owner and the using company is the account owner. There are many reasons for this, one being that we want the Salesforce integration to point the subscription to the using company.

* The end-customer can select to have a shorter billing frequency than the standard 12m frequency but this is financed by a 3rd party which will invoice the end-customer at an additional fee. The end-customer i subscription owner but the 3rd party financing company is the invoice owner.





In our use case, we have a parent with potentially hundreds of child "franchises" but the parent will be the invoice owner, child is the subscription owner.  We need the child account name and other child account information on scheduled billing reports in addition to the invoice itself.  We use the InvoiceItem_AccountName.AccountName field in the invoice template with nested tables to get to the child account name and child detail, but cannot get that field in reports or data sources to create reporting or use Zuora's scheduled reports feature.  The only option we have is to combine multiple data extracts, match the data and create custom reporting outside of Zuora.