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Re: Support Multiple Billing Descriptors for Vantiv

Support Multiple Billing Descriptors for Vantiv

Support sending multiple billing descriptors to vantiv as this will enhance our customer's ability to recognize what product they have purchased from us as well as mitigate the risk of chargebacks and miscellaneous CS calls.


Having the ability to send multiple billing descriptors will also go a long way in solidifying trust and continuing to communicate the value of our brand with our customers.  The descriptor will allow us to leverage each renewal charge as a reminder of our commitment to charging them on the date they expect to be charged and for the amount they expect to be charged. 

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The billing descriptor is who the customer sees on their credit card statement as the seller.

Electronic Transaction Receipts must include the Merchant name as it will appear in the Clearing Record and on the Cardholder billing
statement; for example the domain name where the purchase was made may be required by Vantiv (and any acquirer) underwriting for ecommerce transactions. Acquirers may prohibit merchants using multiple domains with the same merchant account to avoid customer confusion. Is that what you're referring to here "recognize what product they have purchased"


For multichannel commerce, the billing descriptor can be different for retail & ecommerce. This is managed not in the API, but in the Acquirer Terminal ID that the payment gateway is set up for. Not all payment gateways support this type of multiple descriptors without a separate merchant account.


Can you elaborate with more specifics to further clarify a response?


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Hello, Yes, we would like the ability to set a specific billing descriptor per product in our product catalog. I have spoken to Vantiv and they confirmed that multi billing descriptors is supported with their gateway and that other billing platforms are currently leveraging them. Thank you
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 kmv129: for subscriptions where a customer has multiple products being charged each month on one card transaction, how would you prefer to determine which descriptor to use?

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@keenan preferably there would be a org level descriptor which can take precedence when multiple products are purchased at once.
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@keenan any updates on this?


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@Mike Could you please provide more information on Vantiv billing descriptors?