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Support European Number Format in Invoice Template

Feature Request: Currently, Invoice template does not support European Number Format (e.g., 3.000,50 EUR). Users would like the ability to display numbers in European Number Format as they have Spanish, Norwegian, and German customers.

Status: Under evaluation

Reference Number: DE8698/PMT-382

Business Need: The numbers need to be displayed correctly to some foreign customers.

Community Manager
Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration

We need this.


Without it, Zuora Quotes isn't really fit for purpose for Quotes to European customers, who like their Quotes in the correct format. It's important for companies who have a global presence that currencies are displayed in the correct way / Locale.


I note that Zuora invoicing does this by taking the Locale from (I believe, pse check) the billing contact on the customer account. Hence Z-Billing correctly displays currencies.


Can't Quotes just adopt the same technique? Perhaps a Locale field on the Quote would be enough, or the ability to map the Locale that's passed to Zuora in the Z-Quotes configuration settings. What we could then do is have a formula field on the Quote which links to the CRM account which is where (in our implementations) we store locale. I'm sure you would get other use cases where the Contact would be a better place. Either way, having some solution in place is better than no solution which is what we have today.


About taking the method from invoice generation:

Currently on the invoice pdf the locale is taken from the tenant level. So this is typically not good enough for most of the Zuora users I support: because one zuora tenant can have a customer account with a bill to address in the USA and another customer in Germany. So having this at tenant level is just not good enough. 

Smart solution: add a Locale setting (just like in the communication profile) on each invoice template and each quote template. That would solve this problem once and for all.