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Specify refund date for credit balance refund

Specify refund date for credit balance refund


It would be very beneficial to be able to specify the date of an external credit balance refund. As the name specifies, the refund is external, so not linked to any other interface or gateway provider. For example, I manually enter a refund to a customer in my bank today, 11th of january, however it is paid out on the 12th, and reconciliation takes place 2-3 business days later.

So if the payout was on the 12th, yet reconciliation occurs on the 13th, i have a discrepancy as my bank statement has the 12th, yet it is only possible to set the 13th as refund date in Zuora.

I dont understand why the credit balance refund date cannot be changed/specified for external refunds, just the same way as payment refunds are.


Thanks for taking this into consideration.


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This would be very beneficial.