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Smarter Payment Method Updates via Hosted Pages

Smarter Payment Method Updates via Hosted Pages

It would be good if there was smater way of handling of Payment Method updates.  


When a customer changes payment methods, other fields associated with the account may also need to change to support that Payment Method.   eg The customer might move from credit card to direct debit and the gateway would need to change in addition to setting the new payment method to the default.    The customer might move from a cheque payment to credit card, and in this case the gateway,  the autopay flag need to change as well as setting the new card as default.  


This also gets a little difficult when using the hosted pages,  as the creation of the new Payment Method is done via a Hosted Payment Page which  creates the payment method from the customer browser.   However that is not enough to make that payment method work, and all the other changes need to be done at some other point behind the scenes either on the web server or another downstream system.  Hopefully that system gets things right, eg if  you have a USD credit card make sure to set the gateway to the USD gateway.  There is acually quite a bit of logic to maintain.


This needs a bit of a overhaul, as it is causing too many problem as we scale.    When external system go wrong, manual process step are missed or other issues prevent one of the  API  calls being sucessful then things get of sync and either the payment is taken by the wrong method or the payment in not taken at all, leaving either unhappy customers or unpaid invoices.


In some ways the solution to this might be to move the AutoPay flag and Gateway to the Payment method and to allow the Payment Method to be created and set to default all via the hosted page.   Or maybe remove the AutoPay flag all thogther (there seems little point), and have the Payment Method remember which gateway it was created on.





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