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Re: Show product SKU / Name on Zuora UI Invoices - Status changed to: Under Consideration

Show product SKU / Name on Zuora UI Invoices

Currently the Zuora UI only shows the Charge Name on an invoice:


Screenshot 2016-06-13 13.33.17.png


This is confusing to our billing team as we have many products with similarly named charges. For example: We have a Basic, Premium, and Pro product that each have a "Platform" recurring fee and "Bandwidth" usage charge.


When looking at an invoice there is no way to easily see which product is being referenced. It would be useful to include the Product Name and/or SKU to the line item detail to make this more clear.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration



This is a good idea. I will consider this for inclusion in a future release. Thanks.


This is a clear an and obvious need - we have the same problem and the finance team can't tell which product a "support & upgrades" charge applies to, esp when multiple products are bought.  Seems like adding a column would be a easyish quick win?

Obviously an ability to customize columns more generically would be the holy grail 🙂