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Setting a minimum threshold for billing usage

We are currently rolling out a new product that is entirely usage based for billing purposes. We would like to avoid sending customers bills under a certain dollar amount.


The ability to set a minimum usage threshold before which an invoice will not be generated would be a useful feature.






Awesome idea. We had the same thought as well.


We dont want to invoice the customer for usage unless they have accumulated X dollars worth of usage.


An example would be: We want to send an invoice if their overage is $100 or more. If in January they have $40 in overages, no invoice is produced or sent. In February they have $70 in overages and when combined with January that yields $110 and therefore an invoice is generated and sent.


An interesting design discussion point would be where is this defined. Globally (could be inflexible) or have org defaults that can be overridden at a charge or subscription level?

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Please note the idea was already existing here: http://community.zuora.com/t5/Billing-Payment-Ideas/Ability-to-have-a-quot-threshold-quot-billing/id...


To have more chances to gather the maximum of votes, Ideas should be searched for in Community beforehand, and if not existing already, be created, thanks. 

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

I'm investigating how we could support this with engineering. Thanks for the suggestion. 

Hi Nick, 


Any news related to this request? 

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hi, that's exactly what we need too ! 

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Any news regarding this request ? "Invoice Minimum Amount Threshold" would be really useful and is a feature available in several other billing system. To go a little bit further, I would also require "Invoice Maximum Amount Threshold", this attribute would automaticaly trigger an invoice if the customer reach a certain amount of charge. It would avoid to develop Workflows to manage these Use Cases.