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Set the 'Create Bill Run' Default Value to anything but 'All Batches'

Hi Team, 


With the number of daily bill runs we process, it's inevitable that someone will accidentally fire off an 'All Batches' bill run in error due to the default settings populating 'All Batches' as the target. 


This happens maybe once a quarter at most, but each time it basically shuts down normal billing functions as we wait for that to complete (since there is no way to cancel these All Batch bill runs once they are kicked off). In our tennat, the whole run takes about 2 hours and then we are left with thousands of unneeded invoices. 


I do understand that these are created due to an error on the user's end, but if the default value could be set to the specific Billing Batch dropdown instead of 'All Batches' this would siginifcantly decrease (or probably eliminiate) these being generated. Thanks!

Savvy Scholar KE
Savvy Scholar

Agree 100% - the default setting for the bill run screen should not be defaulted to all batches all customers - the risk of the user running it with these settings is extremely high!

Savvy Scholar
Savvy Scholar

@christopherduke Sweet sweet victory!