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Sending manual email options for Payments

When sending the manual payment email, the only option is to resend to the Bill To's work email.  There is no way to send that email to another email ad hoc. It would be nice to have the option to send that email to any email like the Manual Invoice option gives.


Our Business use:  Currently we send an email for Electronic Payment Success to the Bill To Contact with information regarding the payment and the payment method used.  However, when someone else from the comapny calls in for a copy of that payment information; it would be good customer service on our end to be able to send that payment email to any email for their records.  It would not be good customer service if we told our customer we already sent that information to the Bill To and they should contact them for a copy.


I've provided the screenshots of the functionality we are looking for in Zuora when resending the manual payment email.Manual Email Invoice.jpgManual Email Payment.png