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Self Billed Invoices

A normal invoice is from us to them, and shows a breakdown of how much money they owe us. We make this invoice.
A self-billed invoice is from them to us, and shows a breakdown of how much money we owe them. We make this invoice, on their behalf.


Usually invoices from not-us to us are made by not-us, and would not be handled by Zuora unless not-us was also using Zuora. But we are in Zuora and want to use Zuora to make invoices to ourselves from our customers on their behalf and send these self-billed invoices to our customers.

Although Zuora *can* move money from us to them, this is about Zuora creating a 'reverse' invoice from what it usually creates, a 'self-billed invoice'. A credit balance refund is a way to move money, but it does not meet our need to be able to create invoices, the self-billed kind. The receipt is just as important, the trail of paper.


Discussed here: http://community.zuora.com/t5/Billing-Payments/Self-billing-invoices/m-p/14458/highlight/false#M771