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Restrict the length of the fields on the HPM

Restrict the length of the fields on the HPM

Currently data type for each field on HPM is text and its default length is 50 characters.


There should be an option to restrict field length on HPM.


For example, we are using zuora i-frame for capturing credit card detatils. We are capturing Credit Card Holder Name through the i-frame and it is allowing us to capture maximum 50 characters. However, the payment gateway which we are using throws an error if the field length for Credit Card Holder is more then 30 characters.


So there should be an option to mention the maximum length we can have for each text field.

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Thanks for sharing your idea, @mohit_patel!  Let me move this to the Billing and Payments Ideas section so that other users can add their use cases and that our product manager can review it.


I'll update this thread with the new URL shortly.


Here is the new URL: https://community.zuora.com/t5/Billing-Payment-Ideas/Restrict-the-length-of-the-fields-on-the-HPM/id...