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Resolving Errors for Zuora not interpreting Authorize.net codes for Payments under Review

An ACH/Echeck.Net transaction is held for review due to an automated Risk flag. The transaction is successfully received by Authorize.Net however an Approval nor a Decline can immediately be returned at the time the response is sent.  It is subsiquently reviewed and then decisioned with an approval or decline. However on the Zuora side, your application is displaying an error message which is not clear to the end user and subsequently transactions are re-attempted causing potential duplicate charges or duplicated refund requests which are causing reconciliation discrepancies and potential inbound customer contacts into our mutual client and/or potential chargebacks.


The same type of risk hold also occurs with the following Response Reason Codes and is not new behavior from Authorize.Net:











Zuora will need to make an update to gracefully handle these Response Reason Codes to display a “Pending Review” status rather than an error.  By mapping to Response Reason Code instead of Response Code alone, your solution would be able to provide more specificity to the issue (aligning with our response string and description of the code as in your reference). From there, by leveraging our Transaction Details API allows Zuora clients to query for updated status.  



Savvy Scholar

Yes, we're running into the same problem, Steve. Can you share how you've been handling this to date?

Zuora Staff