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Require option to allow price increase option on bill run

Require option to allow price increase option on bill run

It is currently only posiible to automatically uplift subscription charge prices at the time of renewal.


An option to allow (adhoc) automated price increases (product catalogue or percentage increase) should be included in the Bill Run so that merchants can target customers/charges for price changes.

Zuora Staff

EDF will need it too

Zuora Staff

I've got a client, Achilles, who may be interested in something similar. Their specific need would be to allow the increase at an Account level. Redgate would also have used something like this had it been available if I remember correctly. 

Zuora Staff

Absolutely this is a basic we need to have in the product. the process of change price is heavy and we all know the number of amendments is not helping in performances, etc.

Zuora Staff

Hi all,


UGC, a french customer will need it as well.



Zuora Alumni

Origin Energy, Energy Australia & Fairfax all have a need for this as well

Zuora Staff

Centre France (Newspapers) and Royal Canin will need it as well

Newly Enrolled

For us at Quinyx this is the key/showstopper to put in our contracts at full length (often 36 months), as opposed to now at only 12 months. This means we can't get visibility into our contract portfolio, since no contract displays over 12 months. Today we have to make a choice between more dynamic and controlled index-adjustments or visibility of our contract portfolio. That is a choice no Saas company should have to make.


Magnus Olausson - COO at Quinyx