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REST method to retrieve list and/or number of amendments in a Subscription



We think that there should be a way, via the Rest api, to retrieve a list of subscription amendments and/or the number of amendments that a subscription has - for the entire Subcription, not just a version.



According to Zuora, the hard amendment limit for a subscription is 1000 - _but_ the recommended amendment limit for a subscription is 100, because after that the performance starts to degrade. In complex, high-volume environments, it may not take long to reach that 100 limit. So, we need a way to see how many amendments a subscription has, so that we can react (programmatically) to the situation in good time. Actually, our need for this is quite critical for a new B2B offering that we have.


From testing, the Zuora api method https://www.zuora.com/developer/api-reference/#operation/GET_AmendmentsBySubscriptionID
returns only information about an amendment for the given subscription id, not the subscription key. Using this method we would have to know all of the subscription's previous ids in order to get all the amendments.


So, again we would need a Zuora Rest method that retrieves all the amendments (or even just the amendment amount would help) for a given subscription by its key, not by its version id.