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Possiblity to select the accouting code in a Refund (as it is possible for Payments)

We need to be able to select the accounting code for a refund of a Payment.

In attachment the printscreen.


I examplain you the business use case.:
1. We create a payment of one invoice.
2. This payment is linked to the accounting code of our BANK1
3. We synch with our Accounting System and we insert this transaction.
4. Now we Refund the payment in Zuora and we need antoher line on the same accounting code with negative amount for then synchronising our Accounting System and have 0 balance on this BANK1 accounting code.

I hope that it is clear.


A workaround proposed by Zuora is to link an accounting code to a payment method and use payments methods. The problem is that a we have more banks than payments methods.


The issue that we have is discribed here:



Now it is blocking for us


Thank you

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