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Permission control over Cancel/Delete an Invoice.

We want to have a permission for Cancel / Delete Invoice in the custom role settings.

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Community Manager
Status changed to: New Idea
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This requirement is already in our backlog. I hope to be able to include it in an upcoming release!



This is actually live on invoice level. What is not yet possible to set permission on is 'delete' of a status 'cancelled' Bill run. This way cancelled invoices are still deleted (without explicit warning).

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So, what we are looking for is to lock down only the delete portion of posted invoices.  Is there a way to only allow users to delete invoices that never posted?  If a user posts an invoice in draft and then cancels and deletes it that is fine.  However, if a user deletes a fully posted invoice that is a problem for us, so I would like to lock them out of that.  However, it seems from the settings it is all or nothing.


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Our delete permission is likely to cover both draft and posted documents. We recommend that the ability to delete any billing document be restricted to users with elevated privileges (regardless of whether the document is draft or posted.)

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Permission control for canceling and deleting an invoice for user roles is currently available and can be managed within settings. See here for the full list of available permissions associated with the Billing role.