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Payment comment field not updateable

It would be nice if the payment comment field were updatable.


We are voiding a large number of payments due to a process issues and would like to make it clear why,  somebody will probably look at the payment in the Zuora UI and wonder why it was voided, it would be good to be able to include this comment on the payment.


Unfortunately the field is not updateable and is giving the following error:-


'ns1:Message': 'Field not updateable: Comment' }
Trying to format { 'ns1:Code': 'INVALID_VALUE',

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Note. there is the same problem when cancelling an invoice.  The comment field is not updateable, i am assuming that this is also the case for adustments etc

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Status changed to: Coming Soon



We are in the process of enhancing the way we handle payments in Zuora. The project is called "Unapplied Payments". We will begin rolling this capability out over the next 2-3 quarters. I have added this requirement to the backlog. Thanks for the input!