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Re: Out of the box Stripe CC Reference Transaction support

Out of the box Stripe CC Reference Transaction support

When adding an electronic payment method either through the Zuora hosted pages or through the UI, you cannot currently use CC Reference Transactions with Stripe.

This is because you need to obtain the token from Stripe beforehand.


To support a scenario where the CC details are saved in Stripe and the token is saved in Zuora, it would be nice to support adding the credit card details in Zuora, pushing the details to Stripe, and then save the token returned automatically, without the need for additional development work.

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Hi bas,


This is an integration approach we're considering more broadly to allow HPM users the ability to input full card details and save only the returned token in Zuora. In other words this flow could be applicable to multiple gateways that support the "CC Reference Transaction" payment method, Stripe included.


Thanks for posting the idea. If we develop specific plans on this, I will update the post.


Keenan Simmons

Product Management, Payments at Zuora


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Status changed to: Under Consideration